treeThe WP Family Tree plugin is the most downloaded genealogy plugin for WordPress and the feedback I have had is fantastic. It is very rewarding to know that, in a small way, I have been able to contribute to so many genealogy websites.

In order to be able to spend more effort developing this plugin I have decided to offer a Pro version and I am also offering professional support for anyone who needs it. Basic, free support, is of course available as usual through the website.

WP Family Tree Pro

The Pro version of WP Family Tree is aimed at those that have more advanced needs, such as support for larger families, printing, gedcom, etc. It is also for those that wish to “give something back” and stimulate the development of new features.

Purchase the WP Family Tree Pro for £100 and receive a life-time license to use on any number of your websites. Click here to read more about WP Family Tree Pro.

The current version of the plugin provides some new features

  • Support for larger family trees
  • Ability to print family trees
  • Import/Export family data through spreadsheets
  • International language support
  • Gedcom support

Technical Support

If you just want help using the free WP Family Tree plugin then feel free to purchase a support credit for £35. For this you will get unlimited support for integrating the plugin with your website. If I can’t help you then your money will be refunded.

Many thanks for using the WP Family Tree plugin and please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions, ideas, suggestions, or feedback!



PS. If you provide your postal address when purchasing WP Family Tree Pro then I will also send you a personal thank you gift!